i2corp.com (i2corp) is a publicly traded company (ITOO) that develops intellectual property (IP) and enabling software platforms related to the gaming and entertainment market. i2corp’s business model is based upon licensing of its IP and gaming platforms. Revenue is generated through license fees, recurring IP licensing royalties, administration and maintenance fees for software platforms, consulting and custom development. i2corp’s management team is comprised of a small and tightly integrated group of entrepreneurs and inventors with backgrounds as varied as engineering, software development, building systems, securities promotion and sales. The company staff is comprised of its management, developers and outside counsel.
i2corp is incorporated in the state of Nevada and is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, the center of the land-based casino industry in the U.S.

Mel Molnick – President i2corp & Home Gambling Network
Mr. Molnick leads HGNメs direct sales efforts and its relationships with U.S. and foreign governments. Mr. Molnick created HGNメs patent (U.S. 5,800,268), and co-founded HGN with his daughter in 1995. He also serves as secretary and treasurer of i2corp.com. An avid inventor, Mr. Molnick is responsible for a number of business practices including U.S. patent 4,442,581, a device that significantly improves binding sheets of metal and is used throughout the world.

Professional Associates
General Counsel
Marquiz Law Offices
Henderson, Nevada

Industry Affairs Counsel
Cooper Levenson
Atlantic City, New Jersey