i2corp licenses its live remote wagering patent and technology products through its wholly owned subsidiary the Home Gambling Network.

HGN-Sealsm The licensed by HGN official seal is your
assurance that any site displaying it
is an authorized licensee of HGN’s method.




   Playtech a leading developer of both RNG-based games and live video stream games became a licensee on November 4th 2004. Their mission is to sub-license live gaming services including HGN’s patented live gaming technology, to their software licensees. To learn more about Playtech go to http://www.playtech.com


CompuRace Inc.

On June 6, 2000 Home Gambling Network signed its first licensee, CompuRace Inc., the Internet’s leading horse racing simulcaster. Due to an inability of the licensee to execute its business plan the license was not renewed.